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Metal casting

We have a foundry for non-ferrous metals ( brass and aluminium alloys ). We specialise in artistic, precision and industrial castings up to 8 kg. We cast in sand, die and lost wax moulds. We also provide comprehensive mechanical machining of castings. Our machine park includes state-of-the-art CNC machines and a highly efficient casting surface finishing line. We have many years of experience in CAD/CAM design. As a result, we provide comprehensive order processing from the design of the model, analysis and selection of the best technology through the production of castings to the machining stage.

Aluminium castings

PERA makes aluminium castings for the construction, automotive and engineering industries. It is possible to make castings with a weight of up to 5 kg and a size of up to 20 cm2. We use aluminium alloys in accordance with ISO, PN, EN and DIN standards. We rely on sand and die casting.

Brass castings

We make various types of artistic castings from brass, such as medals, statuettes, door handles, decorative letters, commemorative plaques as well as technical components including precision machine parts. We only use PN standard certified brass alloys e.g. MO59. It is possible to make castings of up to 8 kg . We specialise in casting small precision brass parts using the lost wax method. We also cast brass in sand and die moulds.

Bronze castings

Bronze is one of the metals used to manufacture our castings. Depending on the application, we select the appropriate bronze alloy composition, relying only on approved materials. Bronze is used to manufacture cups, worm gears, bushings and other machine parts weighing up to 8 kg.

Materials to be processed

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